MECOP Internship: OECO


For my second MECOP internship I was placed with OECO, LLC, a 300-person company located in Milwaukie, Oregon that manufactures electromagnetic devices and power conversion products, mostly for the aviation industry. I worked for Tim Krajcar, head of OECO’s three-person IT team. My role as an MIS intern mainly encompassed the development of web applications for the company intranet. My applications will be used on the manufacturing floor to support operations.


  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) System – Web solution consisting of a comprehensive database of MSDS files kept by OECO as per OSHA requirements and an application for management of the database.
    This project consisted of several distinct sub-projects:
  • Requirements gathering
  • Gathering of MSDS files
  • Database development
  • Application development (general user and administration components)
  • User education (including nearly all 300 OECO associates)
  • Reconciling the digital system with the pre-existing vertical file containing physical datasheets (printing new datasheets, scanning old datasheets)
  • Documentation
  • Resin Mix System – Web solution to address costly miscalculations when mixing resins.
  • Receiving/Inspection System – Web solution to replace existing MS Access system for processing incoming inventory before use in production.
  • Electronic Stamps – Digital versions of stamps used on physical documents such as engineering drawings for a number of uses including conformance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • Obsolescence data – Parsing of data stored in an awkward format so that it could be provided to buyers.

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